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Domestic Removals

We know how stressful moving a house can be, so let Index Logistics handle that stress for you and turn a day you might be dreading into an enjoyable process! Over a twelve-year period of operations, we have carefully developed the process of helping you move house, from the ease of our booking system to the last item to be arranged in your household, in order to take as much of the stress out of moving as possible. Boasting a thoughtfully selected domestic movers workforce, an intelligent and intuitive quote and booking system and a refreshingly positive attitude towards the industry and our clients, we feel confident we can make your move a great experience. So whether it’s a first-time move down the road, or to a brand new city with a brand new start, choose Index Logistics for your moving day!

Commercial Removals

With a combined 12 years of experience under their belts, the Index Logistics team have carried out hundreds of office removals over a wide variety of environments all over the country, from 20-floor office complex’s to research laboratories! As a result, we can cater to any requirement you have. Need your employee’s independent workstation’s re-assembling and organised at the other end? We’ve got it. Do you have sensitive documentation that needs careful and discreet handling? No problem, our staff are carefully selected and trained in conscientiousness towards their work. With full goods-in-transit insurance and public liability insurance up to $5 million, as well as that all-important decade of experience, you can rest easy and let us tackle your office move quickly, cheerfully and efficiently whilst giving you that all-important peace of mind. So if you need a professional, well thought out office move with top quality staff from top commercial removalists, look no further than Index Logistics.

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Why use our services?

Protecting your home and possessions

Keeping your possessions safe is our top priority. Not only will we ensure that every item is packed and secured correctly, but we make sure that your property (both your old and new home) is protected too. As part of the removal process, we will pad doors, lay down carpet protectors and cover bannisters. Any particularly delicate or expensive furnishings, such as pianos or antiques, will be additionally protected by padding and thick blankets. You can trust that we will make your moving day as stress-free as possible.


How to arrange your house removal

The booking process

You can request a moving house service over the phone or by completing the online form. We’ll need some information from you, regarding the type of property (if it’s a house or a unit/Apartment), the number of rooms, the floor it’s on, etc. This will help us provide you with a free, no-obligation quote before we schedule your appointment.


It’s important for professional house movers to have an available parking spot close to your property. The parking slot needs to be secured by you. If the pros need to park in a Pay & Display parking space, the cost will be added to your final price. The loading process will begin immediately, assuming that you’ve packed and labelled correctly all your belongings. The house movers will be happy to dismantle any large pieces of furniture, free of charge, and wrap them in blankets before placing them securely into the truck. Note that boxes should not be heavier than 20kg.


Index Logistics pros will deliver your belongings to your new address by taking the optimal route possible. They use GPS systems to reach maximum efficiency when driving. However, we can’t be held responsible for damaged items due to incorrect packing done by you. Hence, we advise you to take advantage of professional packers and ensure all boxes are sealed. Your belongings are fully insured during transportation. Note that our removals firm is unable to transport your pets or any hazardous goods.

At your new location

We’ll need you or another trusted person at the delivery address to provide the removalists with proper instructions. A valid parking space near your new house is also essential. When the house movers arrive at your new address they will carefully unload all the boxes and furniture and place them in the rooms they are supposed to go in. If you require help with unpacking your belongings, we can handle this, too. In addition, the skilled movers are equipped and experienced in assembling any pieces of furniture, which have been dismantled prior to loading.

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